Bitbox Backup Card – 3 pack

Bitbox Backup cards are an extremely suitable solution for creating analogue backups of 12 or 24 words (according to the BIP39 standard). These cards are distinguished by their durability, as they are highly resistant to moisture and physical wear and tear. Making a backup copy of your crypto wallet is crucial as it allows you to preserve your crypto assets, even if the wallet itself is lost or damaged.


Bitbox Backup Card – Features:

  • Clear instructions for creating a backup copy
  • Allows recording of 24 words to re-access crypto assets in case of loss / destruction of the crypto wallet
  • Follows the BIP39 standard
  • Three layers of rigid laminated cards
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and physical abrasion
  • Made of special ageing-resistant paper
  • The pack contains three Bitbox Backup cards
Dimensions 2,0 × 120,0 × 120,0 mm


BitBox Backup Cards, 3 pack
Bitbox Backup Card – 3 pack