Blockstream JADE – Transparent

Blockstream Jade is a remarkable hardware wallet that is completely open source and designed to securely store private keys. It makes it easy to send and receive Bitcoin and Liquid funds. With a QR code scanning camera and a 2.9 cm colour IPS LCD screen, it’s intuitive to use. Easy operation with a wheel and one button and Bluetooth connection to your smartphone further simplify operation. The built-in 240 mAh battery is rechargeable via USB-C cable. Support for an independent PIN server provides additional security.

Original price was: 71,99 €.Current price is: 65,99 €.


The Jade wallet is based on open source software. Blockstream Jade also has a built-in camera that allows secure and easy validation of transactions using QR codes.

Use on mobile devices

The hardware wallet has a built-in battery and Bluetooth, allowing connection to Android and iOS smartphones using the Blockstream Green mobile app. The app allows trading in Bitcoin and Liquid assets.

Storage of different funds

The hardware wallet allows you to store Bitcoin and various Liquid assets: from NFTs, STOs, Stable Coins and Liquid cryptocurrencies.

IPS LCD colour display

The wallet features a 2.9 cm colour IPS LCD display with 240 x 135 pixels, which provides a clear overview of transactions for easier transactions.

Easy to use

The wallet is easy to operate with a rotary wheel on the top and two buttons serving different functions.

Built-in battery

Jade has a built-in 240 mAh battery that makes it easy to validate on the go.


  • Supports Bitcoin and funds on the Liquid network
  • Built-in camera for transaction confirmation (air-gap)
  • Colour LCD with QR code display support, 29 mm IPS, 240 x 135 RGB 16-bit
  • “Hardware Wallet Interface” (HWI) for Bitcoin Core compatibility
  • Supports independent PIN server
  • Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 17 mm
  • Compatibility:
    • Blockstream Green for Android via USB-C and Bluetooth
    • Blockstream Green for iOS via Bluetooth
    • Blockstream Green for computers via USB-C
    • BlueWallet
    • Electrum
    • Nunchuk
    • Sparrow Wallet
  • USB-C connector
  • Control with a wheel and two buttons
  • 240 mAh battery

In the package

  • Blockstream Jade
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Recovery phrases backup sheet
  • Blockstream sticker

Dimensions 30,0 × 80,0 × 132,0 mm


Blockstream JADE – Transparent