Passport 2

Passport 2 is a wallet exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin from Foundation Devices. It features a clear screen, a physical keypad for easy password entry and isolated communication via QR codes, camera and microSD card. The Passport 2 wallet is open source, easy to use and made of high-quality materials.


Isolated communication via camera

Passport 2 wallet has no direct wired connection to the outside world, but uses a camera and QR codes to communicate. This way of communicating provides secure, isolated communication that is still easy to use.

Li-Ion battery

Passport 2 has a standard 1200 mAh battery that is easily removable and replaceable. For battery charging, there’s a USB-C port, which only allows power and not data transfer.

Large colour display

The high-resolution IPS colour display is covered with scratch- and impact-resistant, durable glass.

Main features

  • Supported cryptocurrencies: bitcoin.
  • Supports PSBT.
  • The large screen makes for one of the best multi-signature experiences.
  • Supported software wallets include Bitcoin Core, BlueWallet, BTCPay, Casa (coming soon), Electrum, Nunchuk (coming soon), Simple Bitcoin Wallet, Sparrow, Specter, Wasabi and other wallets that support PSBT via microSD or QR code.
  • Main components: STM processor, Microchip 608a secure element, Omnivision camera.
  • Communication: camera and microSD input. No USB data, Bluetooth or other wireless connections.
  • Power: 1200 mAh Lithium ion battery in Nokia BL-5C format (included).
  • Security features: isolated communication, easy password entry, security lights, anti-phishing words, supply chain verification.


Safe element

Safety LED lights


MicroSD slot

Removable battery

USB-C for power only

Detailed specifications

  • Backup: microSD card included or standard 24-word seed
  • Entropy sources: the TRNG on the safe element, the open source Avalanche Noise Source
  • Licences: manufacturing and electronics open under CERN OHL v2, software open under GPLv3
  • Dimensions: 39 x 111 x 19 mm, 126 g
  • Included: 1x Passport hardware wallet, 1x microSD card, 2x microSD adapter, Li-Ion battery
  • Package dimensions: 155 x 83 x 52 mm, 290 g
  • The wallet is made in the USA


  • All cryptocurrency software and support for hardware wallets is upgraded and updated frequently and without notice by the manufacturer. This means that a product’s characteristics can change during its lifetime without being subject to a material defect.
  • Be sure to create and safely store archive words. In the event of a device failure, the repairer will not be liable for the wallet or any related damage and will assume that the owner of the device has a backup copy made.
Dimensions 180,0 × 120,0 × 70,0 cm

Foundation Devices

Passport 2