Tangem Wallet 2.0 – Black

Tangem Wallet 2.0 is an NFC card for securing your digital assets. It allows you to store your seed phrase without internet contact. Connect them to the Tangem Wallet app and experience their functionality. With their card-like form, they enable easy storage right in your wallet. Now available in white too!
Store, buy, sell, and exchange over 1000 cryptocurrencies, all on one card!

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No need for wires, batteries or a computer.  All you need to manage your assets is an NFC-enabled phone. Download Tangem app and  activate your Tangem Wallet 2.0 in just 3 min.

Multi-Currency Support

Get access to thousands of coins and tokens in one app. Easily and securely buy, store, transfer, swap and sell your crypto.


EAL6+ is the highest level of security certification you’ll also find in biometric passports. No magnetic elements; full protection against electromagnetic pulse, electrostatic discharge and X-rays.


No points of vulnerability or failure-prone elements (batteries, cables, etc.). We provide a record 25+ year warranty!


IP68 certified: maximum resistance to dust, water and temperature extremes (-25 to 50°C). Your Tangem Wallet will survive the washing machine, heat and even a trip to Antarctica.

Firmware Security Audit

Audit of the firmware carried out by a Swiss auditing company Kudelski  Security – no backdoors, malicious  or suspicious features found.

Smart backup

Tap the card against your phone for activation – the chip will generate a random  private key, which is then cloned to backup cards through Diffie-Hellman protocol. If one is lost, you’ll still retain access to your funds.

Anti-Counterfeit Technology

Full protection against counterfeiting and cloning of cards. The app confirms the cards’ authenticity when you tap them against your phone.

Access Code Protection

Your cards are protected by an access code/different access codes that can be reset only if you have at least 2 cards. Make sure you store all the cards separately.

Powerful Secure Element by Samsung

Sign millions of transactions non-stop. Where other wallets perform poorly or fail, Tangem’s chip demonstrates its unlimited capacity.


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Tangem Wallet 2.0 – Black
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