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In his book The Fiat Standard, Saifedean Ammous tries to explain the technology behind the current analogue world monetary system. Just as in Bitcoin Standard he explained the functional essence of Bitcoin and its potential social and economic implications, so in this book he examines monetary technology in the twentieth century, explaining its strengths and weaknesses and the many ways in which it fails.


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About the book The Fiat standard

World-renowned economist Saifedean Ammous uses his unique analytical perspective to explain the fiat money system as a feat of engineering and technology, just as he did for bitcoin in his worldwide bestseller
Bitcoin Standard

This time, Ammous looks at the earlier transition from the gold standard to today’s government-backed fiat money system, describing its purpose and flaws, deriving the wider economic, political and social implications of its use, and examining what impact bitcoin will have on this over time.

Ammous analyses global political currencies against bitcoin with penetrating insight: how they “mined” whenever government entities made loans, their lack of inherent limits to inflation, and the unchecked government intervention that caused severe, destructive and permanent distortions in global markets for food, fuel, science and education.

With these comparisons, Ammous demonstrates that bitcoin could be our next step forward – like the fiat system, it would provide high marketability in space, but without the uncontrollable debt denominated in fiat currencies. Instead of a chaotic hyperinflationary collapse, the rise of bitcoin could be seen as a jubilee long and orderly upgrade of the global monetary operating system, revolutionising global capital and energy markets.

The Fiat Standard is considered by many readers to be the best overview of the Fiat system of our generation.


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The Fiat Standard – ENG

48 in stock