Bitcoin Pizza Day 2023, Ljubljana

Bitcoin pizza with a diameter of three metres: the Bitcoin Society of Slovenia celebrates 13. anniversary of bitcoin pizza day

Ljubljana, 22.5.2023: The Bitcoin Society of Slovenia held a highly anticipated event at the Sports House in BTC City in Ljubljana on the occasion of 13. Bitcoin Pizza Day. The event brought together bitcoin enthusiasts, industry experts and sponsors such as GoCrypto, NiceHash and Bitstamp to provide an informative and fun experience for all attendees. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights and key debates from this extraordinary event.

Interesting panel on new developments in the bitcoin ecosystem

The event kicked off with a lively debate that attracted the attention of nearly 100 Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts. It was announced by one of the organisers, who spoke in his opening remarks about the importance of the event, which has put bitcoin on the business stage. He described how Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas in exchange for 10,000 bitcoins in 2010, making the first publicly recorded business transaction with this form of money. The speaker then addressed the younger generations and invited them to participate in the organisation of events and activities within the Bitcoin Society of Slovenia and to help raise awareness of the Bitcoin network among the wider Slovenian public. He concluded his opening remarks by inviting the moderator to start the panel. The event featured renowned speakers Andrej P. Škraba (NFTfi,, Luka Planinc (GoCrypto), Vladimir Hozjan (NiceHash) and Aljaž Čeru (, moderated by Peter Opara.

Panel content

The discussion started by delving into the regulatory and business aspects of the bitcoin network. Discussants addressed the ecological consequences of mining and proposed potential solutions, such as locating mining farms close to specific power plants to optimise energy consumption. They also highlighted the comprehensive energy consumption of the traditional financial system, which is not often mentioned, unlike the recurrent articles that unilaterally highlight bitcoin’s ecological impact without also trying to understand the benefits of such a system, such as stabilising the electricity grid and promoting the development of cheap energy.

The discussion then turned to the Lightning network, a protocol built on top of the underlying bitcoin network that enables micropayments at negligible cost compared to traditional payment providers. They discussed the network’s innovations and its ability to provide fast and affordable bitcoin payments. The panellists highlighted its potential to evolve into a global service that could sweep away modern competition. Despite the slower development of the bitcoin network, it was pointed out that while gold does not change over time, progress is happening.

During the discussion, an interesting view of bitcoin as the world’s largest digital vault also emerged. This idea was born from the fact that it safely stores all the value invested in it in units of satoshis (the smallest building blocks of the network).

The content part concluded with the drawing of the winners of a raffle, made possible by Blockstream and Shift Crypto, which rewarded participants with a total of three bitcoin hardware wallets and some Peach Bitcoin promotional clothing.

Record bitcoin pizza

One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of the record-breaking three-metre diameter bitcoin pizza, provided by Julči restaurant and pizzeria. This giant pizza was decorated with the logos of the event’s main sponsors GoCrypto and NiceHash. It symbolised the importance of the event for the growing visibility of the bitcoin network in the world.

Spreading awareness of the bitcoin network and fostering a supportive spirit in its community

After the panel discussion, participants had the opportunity to network and interact with other Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The lively atmosphere fostered meaningful conversations about bitcoin in general, allowing networking and the exchange of ideas. Participants were excited to share their thoughts, experiences and ambitions within the bitcoin network ecosystem.

The event was perfectly organised, which delighted the participants with an unforgettable experience. The Bitcoin Society of Slovenia demonstrated its commitment to raising awareness of the Bitcoin network and fostering a supportive community spirit. Their efforts were further demonstrated by providing the latest Slovenian translation of the book Fiatni standard from the Bitcoin Library, a special discount on hardware wallets and accessories from Bitcoin Shop Slovenia and discounted tickets for the upcoming BTC Prague event .

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