BitBox Safety Bags – 5 pieces


BitBox safety bags


  • They offer comprehensive protection against all forms of unwanted access – mechanical access, steam, moisture, heat, freezing, solvents, etc.
  • The bags provide a simple but strong seal that is visibly damaged when attempted to be opened.
  • Each bag is numbered with a unique number on the flap and on the bag. The tab can be detached and used to record the contents or to prove ownership.
  • The transparent material makes it easy to check the contents for signs of damage or. attempts to open
  • Durable LDPE plastic film is extremely tear-resistant

With these features, the bags are ideal for storing an archival copy for Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies).

The package contains

  • 5 security bags 195 mm x 265 mm and internal dimensions 180 mm x 210 mm
Dimensions 2,0 × 150,0 × 210,0 cm


BitBox Safety Bags – 5 pieces