Stamp Seed Waterproof Seed Phrase Book

Stamp Seed Waterproof Seed book – keep your private kets discreet and safe from external factors!


Waterproof Seed Phrase Book allows you to keep your keys offline and safe from spills of liquid and humidity.

It follows the BIP-39 standard and allows you to inscribe a 12 or 24 word recovery phrase.

Simply write with a ballpoint pen or a pencil and allow a minute to dry.

  • Size: 3.25” x 3.25”
  • Pages: 26 seed word pages (24 cells per page), and 2 pages for notes (28 pages total)
  • Book cover is also waterproof
  • Bound together with a stainless steel staple
Dimensions 3,0 × 85,0 × 83,0 cm

Stamp Seed knjižica iz kamnitega papirja za vpisovanje varnostnih kopij
Stamp Seed Waterproof Seed Phrase Book